About us

Started in 2011 when three of the Buchanan brothers came up with the idea to build a wood fired pizza oven. They had always thought that was a really cool idea, so they made the idea come true just for the thrill of it. The first wood fired pizza business among the three brothers was called ":Grumpy goat pizza" that brother decided to move and stop the business. Brett Buchanan bought his brother's pizza equipment and quit his job, then was left with a new business but a passion for making amazing pizzas. Little did Brett Buchanan know this would be the start to a new experience that would give him a strong and loving passion for making pizza. After seven years the business has grown to the point where people states away know about us. We are truly thankful for all of our customers. Still completely mobile, but hoping to open a restaurant when the right time comes our way. 

Why are we named Flying Cow pizza?

Brett Buchanan came up with the name when he had been pondering about what's next for his career. All of his brothers have previously been in the dairy industry and he did not care or have passion for that career. So he decided to "fly the coop" and start up pizza business called "flying cow". 

Currently:  2017 season

As seven years went by, we have developed a passion for making pizzas with all natural local ingredients. Developing what we have now has been a process, but has steadily grown over the course of seven years. All the hard work and dedication we have put into the business has made everything  succeed throughout these years. Currently we are completely mobile and based out of Oconomowoc.

First pizza oven the 3 brothers built in 2010

First pizza oven the 3 brothers built in 2010